Project Description

ZDF Kultur – Mono.Drama – Antigone

The brothers Polyneikes and Eteocles killed each other on the battlefield. Her uncle Kreon explains Eteocles as a hero and Polyneikes as a rogue. He decrees that his body should not be buried. But the two sister Antigone resisted and buried the outlaw brother. This is where the plot of Sophocles’ more than 2,000-year-old drama begins. His title “Antigone”, but it could just as well be called “Kreon”. For in the play unfolds a struggle between two powers, between individual and state power. Law and the public interest meet individual interests and personal beliefs.

In MonoDrama, Susanne Wolff plays both sides, Creon and Antigone. The ancient fabric becomes the sci-fi horror and Antigone the guardian of the environment, not trying to protect her brother, but defending the last blooming flower against a dark power, Creon.

A short part of the movie can be viewed as a volumetric scene. The actor was volumetrically recorded in the studio of Volucap, the programming and environment design was done by AnotherWorld.



Starring: Susanne Wolff

Director: Faraz Shariat Production: Hyperbole Concept: Bastian Asdonk Dramaturgical assistance: Philipp Arnold Creative Producer: Ann-Catrin Malessa Producers: Nadja Brandt, David Seeberg Editor ZDF: Wolfgang Horn

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